Mural in Motion-Behind the Scenes

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy students partner with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program on the first student-produced projection in the city. This documentary goes behind the scenes to highlight both the power of partnerships and a super-sized project exploding with innovative and creativity.

Meet the Students! 6.29.11 at ISTE

Please come and meet the students who have worked so diligently to create the multi-media mural projection!  On Wednesday, June 29th, the students from SCH Academy and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program will present at ISTE from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  The students will demonstrate the tools they learned and used to create the components of the projection including, GarageBand, Motion and Final Cut Pro.  They will happily share the process of planning, of meeting with community members, of brainstorming, and collaborating.  You can find them at PACC Broad St Atrium, Table: 1.


The Mural in Motion projection premieres in just 8 days!  Students from Springside Chestnut Hill Academy and the Mural Arts Program share their thoughts about creating the Mural in Motion Projection.

Students from the Mural Arts Program and Springside Chestnut Hill Academy learn to animate geometric figures in the program Motion for their Mural in Motion Project.

Mad rush to the Projection!! - EF-J

We are in the final stages of finishing Mural in Motion and we are going at full speed.  Eric Okdeh took students out last week to get some video to fill in the holes and Karen Kolkka took a morning hike to gather a few more shots of Kelly Drive.  Elizabeth (student) is busy constructing the very fast paced fourth section and Deirdre (student) is completing her green screen cut outs.  I presented the first three sections (out of four) to an arts panel at the Mural Arts Program headquarters, and they gave us some constructive feedback and new ways to think of the work. 

There are many details to attend to in order to do this projection, and we have a mighty team at both Springside School and the Mural Arts Program supporting the work of the students.  This is truly a collaborative effort!

Community Meeting about the Projection – Ellen Fishman-Johnson

April 8th,2011

 Mural Arts begins the planning stage for each mural with a meeting with the community to gather ideas to shape the mural.  Since our projection is a one time performance and the location of the mural is in a business district, we knew this meeting might be different than most.  However, we were incredibly energized by the ideas generated at this meeting.  We made a list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and constraints and then talked through the ideas in the room.  This group of businessmen emphasized that the projection provides an opportunity to show Philadelphia as the vibrant city that it is.  They asked us to go beyond the Liberty Bell and cheese steaks to show the “Urban Energy” of the city.  We discussed our notes at the next class meeting and began to work around the idea of a “City in Motion.”  We also brainstormed visual ideas for our photo shoot the following week.

Connection with The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)– Ellen Fishman-Johnson

Once we began the Mural in Motion project we needed to begin dialogue with ISTE so we could work together to present this exciting piece to the attendees of the ISTE conference at the end of June.  The conference draws over 15,000 educators from all over the world and is a hotbed of ideas for forward thinking educators.   I had a lot of wonderful conversations with the co-director of the Special Interest Group for Art Educators (SIGAE) co-headed by Jaime Kasper(Fine Arts and Humanities Advisor for the Pennsylvania Department of Education) at the last ISTE conference and she helped me get in touch with the ISTE administration.  I was very thrilled when Anita McAnear the Program Chair for ISTE called to find out about the project.  She has been incredibly supportive of this project and helped us get a description in the program and a Student Showcase for the students to present their work.  We also coordinated the start of the mural so it would coincide with the end of the Keynote address on Sunday June 26th around 8:30.

Location of the mural – Ellen Fishman-Johnson

After being given the go ahead by Mural Arts to begin working on the project, we needed to find a wall to project on to.  We knew we had to find a wall that was in the vicinity of the Philadelphia Convention Center and Frank Aloise, the Director of Finance at Springside School suggested we go look (of course it had to happen during lunch so we could eat at the Reading Terminal Market).  We parked right next to the Convention Center and the great wall of the Fabric Workshop and Museum at 12th and Arch immediately struck us both.   This is a street that is used by conventioneers to get to most major hotels. There is parking lot beside the wall, which was really important in order to have enough space to project from.  We began discussions with Fabric Workshop about using this perfect location.