Mural in Motion-Behind the Scenes

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy students partner with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program on the first student-produced projection in the city. This documentary goes behind the scenes to highlight both the power of partnerships and a super-sized project exploding with innovative and creativity.

What does it mean to be site specific in Multimedia?

Lots of calculations!  The squares on the wall of the Fabric Workshop building had to be mapped in a 1920 X1080 resolution projection.  Talk about a great math question! Here is Eric Okdeh’s first calculations of the wall that he acquired by measuring from the roof of the building.  As it turned out Ryan from Starlite Productions, the company that is providing the projector and sound, provided this mock up of the projection space which allowed us to map the squares in our piece.  I looked all over the Internet to find out how other artist map their walls and one group (Seeper) has created their own mapping software.  

Mad rush to the Projection!! - EF-J

We are in the final stages of finishing Mural in Motion and we are going at full speed.  Eric Okdeh took students out last week to get some video to fill in the holes and Karen Kolkka took a morning hike to gather a few more shots of Kelly Drive.  Elizabeth (student) is busy constructing the very fast paced fourth section and Deirdre (student) is completing her green screen cut outs.  I presented the first three sections (out of four) to an arts panel at the Mural Arts Program headquarters, and they gave us some constructive feedback and new ways to think of the work. 

There are many details to attend to in order to do this projection, and we have a mighty team at both Springside School and the Mural Arts Program supporting the work of the students.  This is truly a collaborative effort!