Students from the Mural Arts Program and Springside Chestnut Hill Academy learn to animate geometric figures in the program Motion for their Mural in Motion Project.

Digital Media Overload – Looking for themes Ellen Fishman-Johnson

April 15, 2011

After gathering photos and video from Downtown Philadelphia, the next task was to weed through all of the media. Eric, Karen and I began making categories for all the student work.  Since we met with students once a week, we needed to have a sense of all of the media before deciding how to proceed before the next class meeting.  We knew we needed to represent the history of Philadelphia in order to achieve the “City in Motion” theme we established after the community meeting so we decided to begin by using the shots of historical Philadelphia first.  In addition, I introduced the program, Motion to the students who hadn’t used it.  Students divided into groups working in Motion and those working with historical stills. Liz and Katie were given the geometric first section to work on since they are both experienced Motion users.